Poem: Prayer

Poem: Prayer




Since I’ve welcomed you

I have become aware

Of things untended


A cobweb here, there

Paint cracked and peeling

Ceiling tiles stained

From an ages-old



Will your room be drafty

Because I haven’t mended

The broken pane?

Will your sleep be sound despite

The squeaks and rattles and creaking boards?

Surely dinner will fill you the same

Even on a chipped plate!


It is a good house

And a good land

But you know that these are not my own.

All that I can claim

Are things untended to;

But will you yet stay?

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Mons Nubifer Sanctus is a Christian spiritual retreat center. Through lectures, liturgical services, and residential retreat programs, we provide opportunities for authentic growth in the Christian life. The directed silent retreat and the practice of contemplative prayer form the backbone of our unique training program.

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