Lifelong Membership in the Christian Order of the Cloud

Belong to a community of people dedicated to sanity and prayer.

Mons Nubifer Sanctus takes inspiration from the Benedictine vision of the monastery as a “school for the Lord’s service.” Central to Benedict’s vision is the Rule’s focus on the personal relationship between Abbot and Novice as the locus of substantive Christian formation. Therefore, our approach to contemplative training and practice is based in the personal, mutually committed, incarnate, and reciprocal relationship between Teacher (Abbot) and Student (Novice).

The commitment is made not only to the organization and its spiritual leader, but also to one’s fellow members. Students of the Order in good standing are active in their spiritual practice through regular involvement in their local church/parish, a daily commitment to still prayer at home, and participation in training activities at Mons Nubifer Sanctus. The latter is to include attendance in residential formation programs (retreats) at least two times annually, to include at least one Prayer Vigil, preferably of three-days duration or longer. Once an aspirant has entered into formal training in the Order and has become a Professed Student, their spiritual progress should parallel the time-honored and time-tested depiction of the three consecutive but interpenetrating stages of the contemplative Christian life: the Purgative, Illuminative, and Unitive Ways. She or he will be in regular contact with the Abbot and fellow members of the Order, will study the texts from time to time assigned to him or her, and consider the Order when planning annual tithes. Professed Students (Members) will follow through on pledges and other commitments warranted by their student status.

Candidates must have completed a 3 Month Training or equivalent, making application thereafter to the Discernment Council stating his or her intent to become a fully professed member of the Order. Upon acceptance, the candidate will be asked to complete another Prayer Vigil, and to spend a period of that Vigil in solitary prayer in a designated place on our campus, whereupon he/she will be formally received into the community at the closing liturgy.

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