In Eager Longing

In Eager Longing

For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God 

Romans 8:18-21

Old leaves relinquish high places

And flutter to the ground

Of their beginnings

And though the morning’s frost shimmers

For miles on end

A strange night lies abstruse

Over the hearts of men


Scurrying like so many

Creepy-crawlies, from dark to dark

Afraid of the open fields, the un-googled

And solitary places

Too much in need of silver spoons

And double-tongued chums

To adore them


Mistaking activism for salvation

And trendy liberal talk for


Where are the lives that would live?

Where the hearts who would be

Broken open?

Who will present with that ancient valor

To bear the ageless wisdom

To a pilgrim yet



Mist rises

From the little brook

Made small by too much summer

Gregarious robins gather

To follow the warmth away

Here to stay

A sole owl’s cry in the early open blue


O futile world

Even if the want arose

I could not leave this place

To join you!

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