Contemplative Training for Addiction Recovery

Similar to the 3-month training, this program is for people who desire to recover from the grips of addiction.


Contemplative prayer helps us to root out the sources of addiction and find recovery. It empowers us to take responsibility for the disorder and brokenness within us and so to surrender this to God to be healed. Persisting in contemplative prayer fosters the transformation of a broken, passive, and self-absorbed life into an intentional life of authenticity and compassion.


In our Contemplative Addiction Recovery Training, you’ll learn to rectify the will, and gain tools to deal with addiction, strong desires and emotions without succumbing to them. This is also a great way to inaugurate a life-long relationship with Mons Nubifer Sanctus and to belong to a loving community devoted to sanity and prayer. Successful completion of this program serves as a prerequisite for lifelong membership in the Christian Order of the Cloud. The training includes:


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