Lifelong Membership in the Christian Order of the Cloud

Belong to a community of people dedicated to sanity and prayer.

The Christian Order of the Cloud is a community of men and women, lay and ordained in all walks of life, dedicated to making Mons Nubifer Sanctus their principal center for training in the Christian spiritual life.

The commitment is made both to the organization, its spiritual leader, and to one’s fellow members. Being a member in good standing entails remaining active in your spiritual practice through participation in the training activities of Mons Nubifer Sanctus, attending at least one Prayer Vigil per year as well as another residential program of choice, making an annual financial pledge to the organization, and maintaining contact with the spiritual leader of the Order and with one’s fellow members.

Candidates must have completed a 3 Month Training or equivalent, making application thereafter to the Discernment Council stating his or her intent to become a fully professed member of the Order. Upon acceptance, the candidate will be asked to complete another Prayer Vigil, and to spend a period of that Vigil in solitary prayer in a designated place on our campus, whereupon he/she will be formally received into the community at the closing liturgy.

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